Anzac Pins


anzac pin

The Anzac pin can be easily recognized because of its unique design. It’s a simple gold pin, but in addition to the gold, it has four silver coins attached to it, hence the name “Anzac Pins”. The reason for this type of pin being so popular is due to the fact that many people think of the Anzac Day as being when Australia and New Zealand got together. As such, if you have an affinity for either country, you can make a very thoughtful gift by giving this type of pin, which will be greatly appreciated by those who wear it on their pins!

Why Are They So Popular?

The popularity of these Anzac pins has seen a huge rise in the past few years. With the economic downturn of late, many people are looking for ways to save money, and many people are finding this difficult. This is why so many retailers are resorting to items such as Anzac pins to help people save a bit of cash. You can easily see the benefit of having such a gift, as these pins are something that you can wear, and they are not something that you have to pay money for. Furthermore, the cost of these pins is extremely low, and can cost under $5 for a nice pin.

The pin itself looks quite similar to the actual medal pin, and the four coins look like a World War I cent, but they are actually worth much more than that! People love collecting them, and there are many different types of these Anzac Pins available. In fact, some people collect just one pin, whereas others may collect all four of them. Whether you decide to buy one or all four, the value will be similar to other World War I cent anniversary pins, and you will enjoy the special meaning that they bring to your life.

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