Axiom Post Weld Heat Treatment Solutions



When welded components are subjected to dynamic loading conditions, they can experience stress-induced distortion and cracking. These stresses must be relieved through thermally activated processes, primarily Axiom post weld heat treatment solutions (PWHT). PWHT provides effective stress relief by increasing toughness and ductility of the weldment, making it more resistant to failure under these conditions.

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Post-weld heat treatment also improves the weldment’s corrosion resistance. The stress reduction and hardening effects of PWHT help prevent corrosion in the weldments, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Axiom offers a full suite of post weld heat treatment solutions, from planning and budgeting, to scheduling and execution of services. Our PWHT capabilities include electrical resistance, induction and combustion furnaces, along with a unique, blended heating/cooling patent-pending technology. We also provide preheats, bake outs, line thaws and post-heats, all of which are engineered to improve safety and logistics while reducing temporary power requirements and carbon emissions.

The proper PWHT temperatures and times must be used to ensure that weldment metallurgical and mechanical properties remain within design limits. Using higher PWHT temperatures may result in lower strength and loss of ductility. Similarly, longer time periods at high temperatures may lead to higher stresses due to micro-cracking between delta ferrite and austenite grains, which could compromise the mechanical properties of the weldment.

Additionally, PWHT tends to soften the welded materials, making them easier to grind and machine for required dimensional conditions. This enables the weldment to be easily formed and shaped, which reduces overall project costs and leads to greater productivity.

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