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How a Fraud API Can Help Your BusinessHow a Fraud API Can Help Your Business

Fraud activities are on the rise and can cost ecommerce and other businesses a lot in lost revenue, refunds/chargebacks and compliance fines. This is why it’s important to look at new ways in which you can mitigate the fraud risk to your business.

Can I lookup a phone number for free?

Thankfully, there are tools out there that can help you do this, and they work in real time to detect fraudsters as they move around the internet. These are called fraud API and they provide real-time data on suspicious activity. They are also typically easy to integrate into your website and don’t require specialized teams of experts to operate.

A fraud API can help you do the following:

Identify if an email or phone number is spoofed. This allows you to avoid phishing and spoofing attacks that would damage your brand image and reputation. Detect if the user’s IP address is a known phishing/scam IP or country. This prevents fraudulent attempts to steal or sell personal information and identities.

Screen transactions for payment fraud. This helps reduce chargeback losses and unauthorized payments by analysing the digital footprint of a transaction. It can analyse payment fraud traits, confirm them by a human analyst and label them in a way that provides rapid feedback to the machine learning model used for detecting future events.

Ensure that the users of your telephony or messaging system are authenticated by identifying their identity through a reverse lookup API that checks public social media accounts for Facebook, Viber, LinkedIn and more. This can help you find out if someone is using a stolen password or has access to other personal data.

How to Tell If Your Laptop Needs RepairHow to Tell If Your Laptop Needs Repair

Laptop repair

I was struggling with software upgrades and compatibility issues on Windows 11. Thank you, Adam, for fixing it for us! These are very useful gadgets, but just like any other electronic device they can malfunction or stop working completely. When this happens it is important to know what signs to look for so you can have the problem fixed as soon as possible. There are various tell-tale signs that a laptop is in need of repair, such as the blue screen of death or slow operation. Some of these signs can be easily solved, but others require the help of a professional laptop repair service.

If the laptop is not turning on at all or the display is only showing faint lines and no image, this could be due to a broken motherboard. This can be very expensive to replace, so this is something you should consult a laptop repair expert about. It is also a good idea to try connecting the laptop to an external monitor to rule out this possibility.

The ABCs of Laptop Screen Repair: Cracks, Flickering, and More

Another common problem is when the keyboard stops functioning correctly. This can often be caused by small debris such as crumbs or dust that is stuck under the keys. You can try shaking the laptop upside down or blowing away the dirt using canned, compressed air (although this is bad for the environment).

Finally, the laptop may be overheating and starting to make strange noises. This can often be a sign that the cooling fan is not functioning properly, as it is compacted in a smaller case. You can try opening the laptop, removing the fan, and cleaning it with a brush or can of canned, compressed air.

Magento Extensions Builder – What Are the Best Extensions For Magento eCommerce Stores?Magento Extensions Builder – What Are the Best Extensions For Magento eCommerce Stores?

A magento development extension builder is a software module that allows eCommerce store owners to add functionalities and elements to the core platform. These add-ons can improve a store’s performance and enhance customer experience.

Page Builders

Creating pages for your online store can be a real hassle if you don’t know how to code, but there are a number of 3rd party extensions out there that allow you to create stunning looking web pages without any technical knowledge at all! The great thing about these page builders is that they usually come with a variety of content options – so you can get creative with your designs and build pages that look exactly how you want them to.

How to Choose the Right Magento Extension Builder for Your Business Needs

If you sell products on your website, a well-designed product page can have a big impact on your conversion rates. These page builders make it easy to build stunning product pages that feature images and videos, plus a buy now button.

Mobile Apps

If your business is growing, you might want to consider launching a mobile app for your store. There are some great Magento extensions that help you to quickly convert your site into a mobile app.

Sales Motivation

Boost your sales with Magento’s sales motivation package, which includes features to catch customers’ attention, create a sense of urgency, and increase conversions. The plugin also provides features to optimize the checkout process, encourage one-step checkouts, and create a loyalty program that rewards customers for their purchases.

Get More for Your Money With Ryderwear’s Price Slashing Offers on Gym Clothing and LeggingsGet More for Your Money With Ryderwear’s Price Slashing Offers on Gym Clothing and Leggings


Ryderwear is a global sportswear and fitness apparel brand dedicated to inspiring the world to ‘take their training to the next level’. Its clothing and shoes are designed to harness the power of the gym lifestyle, helping its wearers to ‘exceed any limits and expectations through their sweat and willpower’. Read more

Founded by David and Natalie, Ryderwear’s goal is to provide its customers with high-quality, functional products that will help them push themselves to their limits. The company takes pride in its product development process and uses only the highest quality materials and innovative designs to produce its collections.

From Leggings to Hoodies: The Best Ryderwear Products for Your Workout”

Whether you’re lifting, running or doing yoga, Ryderwear’s selection of seamless workout clothes will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your entire workout. The fabrics used in these items are breathable, meaning they’ll stay cool and dry even when you’re working hard.

Ryderwear also offers a range of women’s gym leggings for any type of exercise you want to do. These leggings have a flattering fit, enhancing your curves and tummy.

You can find the perfect pair of gym pants for your workout by shopping the selection from Ryderwear online. These pants are made from a variety of materials, including cotton and polyester. They’re also available in a wide range of colors.

Get More for Your Money: Save with Price Slashing Offers on Gym Clothing and Leggings

Australia-based sportswear brand Ryderwear recently launched a great deal on their workout clothes and gym leggings during the Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year periods. This is another way the company rewards its loyal customers with a wider selection of fan favorites at discounted prices.

DST File ConversionDST File Conversion

Embroidery digitizing software is available on the internet. It is used to read and write embroidery files from/to machines. It also includes tools to analyze embroidery designs. It can be used to remove small stitches, resize the design, and zoom. URL :

Can you convert a PNG to a DST file?

The most popular embroidery file format is JPG. It is used by almost all electronic devices. It is also used by computerized machines. There are several other embroidery formats, including DST, SewWhat-Pro, and OESD.ARTsizer.

If you have an image in JPG format, you can use an online converter to convert it to DST format. This converter does not require registration, email, or watermarks. It can work with more than 250 file types.

When you upload your image to the converter, the file will be converted and the converted file will be removed within 24 hours. This service is free. However, there are limitations to the size of the file.

DST files are a kind of computer-aided design program. They are used to create beautiful designs quickly. They contain complex information, including palettes of colors, vector formats, and coordinates. They are primarily used by Tajima embroidery machines.

These files are used to store stitching information for a variety of embroidery machines. They are also supported by Tajima Barudan (.DSB) and Tajima ZSK file formats.

There are several free DST file converters. These converters can be used to convert DST files to other embroidery formats. They also allow you to open and save embroidery files in different formats.