Construction Surveyor’s Important Role


construction surveyor

Construction surveyor is a person who is employed in the construction field, specifically in building surveyor jobs. Basically, construction surveying is done to stake-out precise reference points and measurements which will direct the construction of certain buildings like homes or other constructions. Usually these references are staked-out according to an appropriate coordinate system chosen for the particular job. It is very important to hire a person with proven experience in the construction field to avoid any problems during the job. The person’s proficiency and expertise in land survey are very important as he/she would be able to determine the exact location and extent of the survey marker’s mark.

Different types of land surveys

There are different types of land surveys. The most common one is the plat survey. This type of survey is mainly used in urban planning and construction projects and involves the identification of boundaries, building boundaries, easements, property lines, drainage and etc. A survey of this kind is normally done in front of the local planning authority before the construction starts. The plat map is created by the staff of the land surveyor company.

The next type of land survey is the title survey, which is conducted within the boundary of a parcel of land or inside the boundary of any lot and so forth. In this type, all the boundaries of the land are measured with the aid of a stadiometer. After the completion of these, the staff of the land surveyor company is required to visit all the sites that were measured and cross-check all the boundaries with the figures drawn by the employee. The surveyor is also required to visit any house which has been constructed and cross-check the design and boundaries of the house. This is also required for the purpose of planning the boundaries of future constructions. Thus, it can be said that construction surveying is one of the most important aspects of the construction industry.

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