Floor Markings Can Increase Workflow, Safety, and Organization


Floor Markings are visual signals applied directly on the floor of a facility to convey information in an effective and highly visible manner. Whether using a standard set of colors or creating your own recognizable symbol/color combinations, the proper use of floor marking tape and paint can increase workflow, safety, and overall organizational efficiency within a warehouse or manufacturing environment.

Floor markings can help separate areas of the facility for pedestrian and forklift traffic, as well as identify equipment locations, hazardous zones, work cells and more. The separation of traffic is critical, as a mix of both types can lead to accidents, injuries and lost productivity. Using a specific color to denote areas that are exclusively for pedestrians or forklifts helps eliminate this danger, and can help to reduce costly accidents.

Innovative Solutions for Floor Line Marking: Beyond the Basics

The proper use of floor markings can also alert people when the appropriate personal protection equipment is required. For example, a dotted red line on the floor can be used to indicate that respirators are required beyond a certain point.

The most important thing with any floor marking system is consistency and the creation of a standardized communication code that can be understood at a glance. Having a color chart posted on the wall for reference is a great way to help employees recall the meaning of the different lines, and to ensure that all workers have the same understanding of how the lines should be interpreted throughout the facility.

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