How a Fraud API Can Help Your Business


Fraud activities are on the rise and can cost ecommerce and other businesses a lot in lost revenue, refunds/chargebacks and compliance fines. This is why it’s important to look at new ways in which you can mitigate the fraud risk to your business.

Can I lookup a phone number for free?

Thankfully, there are tools out there that can help you do this, and they work in real time to detect fraudsters as they move around the internet. These are called fraud API and they provide real-time data on suspicious activity. They are also typically easy to integrate into your website and don’t require specialized teams of experts to operate.

A fraud API can help you do the following:

Identify if an email or phone number is spoofed. This allows you to avoid phishing and spoofing attacks that would damage your brand image and reputation. Detect if the user’s IP address is a known phishing/scam IP or country. This prevents fraudulent attempts to steal or sell personal information and identities.

Screen transactions for payment fraud. This helps reduce chargeback losses and unauthorized payments by analysing the digital footprint of a transaction. It can analyse payment fraud traits, confirm them by a human analyst and label them in a way that provides rapid feedback to the machine learning model used for detecting future events.

Ensure that the users of your telephony or messaging system are authenticated by identifying their identity through a reverse lookup API that checks public social media accounts for Facebook, Viber, LinkedIn and more. This can help you find out if someone is using a stolen password or has access to other personal data.

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