Last Minute Hotel Deals


last minute hotel deals

If advance planning isn’t possible, last minute hotel deals can be a great way to save. Hotels often partner with websites and apps to fill their empty rooms – which means the hotel is still getting paid, but you’re paying less.URL :

Apps like Priceline and Hotwire offer a number of deals that keep the hotel’s name secret until you book. While this can make some travelers nervous, it’s a great way to save big and can be quite useful for those who are willing to be flexible.

Score Big Savings with Last Minute Hotel Bookings

Other last-minute hotel deals are more revealing, but they can also be more restrictive and require a bit more research. For example, the new app Stayful lets you bid on boutique hotels by selecting the number of nights you’re willing to stay – but these deals are nonrefundable and the default date search is for the current day (though you can change this).

Another strategy involves using general hotel searching sites that allow you to filter by price, review rating, distance from your location and more. For example, Skyscanner lets you search a specific hotel and also show the prices on other booking engines, which can help you find a deal.

Be sure to keep your dates flexible and try to avoid high-in-demand days (like weekends). That will give you a better chance of finding a last minute hotel deal that’s actually worth staying at. And don’t be afraid to try a new hotel. There are plenty of great hotels out there that don’t get much attention, but are a great value.

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