Law Firm Marketing Expert


A law firm marketing expert is a skilled professional who puts together a strategic marketing plan for a firm. This individual can be in-house at a small or solo law practice or may work for an agency that will fully implement their ideas, leaving the lawyer free to concentrate on practicing their craft.

Who is the highest law officer?

This person must have a strong understanding of business development and the client experience. They should be able to identify the most important metrics to track and deliver a measurable return on investment, from website traffic to lead-to-client conversion rates. These professionals should also be adept at new technologies that will likely play a larger role in future marketing strategies, from mobile-first websites to text messaging and even emojis. Check him out

The most important benefit of marketing for a law firm is building a solid client base that generates recurring revenue through referrals and repeat business. This will require law firm marketers to continue to find innovative and sophisticated ways to position lawyers and their firms in the best possible light, especially when competing with large national and multinational corporations that can afford more marketing dollars.

Another big factor that will continue to influence the selection of law firms by prospective clients is online reviews. Firms will need to make obtaining online reviews part of their routine by asking all satisfied clients for a review, either through the firm’s GMB (Google My Business) page or on third-party review sites like Yelp. Firms should make sure they are following the American Bar Association’s rules on soliciting reviews before requesting a review from any client.

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