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mercedes transmission

If you are wondering which is the best replacement or transmission for your Mercedes Benz, then you must know that they come in different models, makes and sizes. You can choose a transmission for your car depending on what type of fuel it usually gets along with your driving habits (e.g. tight or wide aisles). The type of car also comes into consideration since there are transmissions that are specific to certain makes such as Golf etc. If you want to replace your existing transmission with a new one, you must be fully aware of the options available.


Description5-Tronic is the brand name for the five-speed manual transmission, beginning with the W5A 580 which is the widest and oldest model. This transmission is considered most reliable and adaptable by Mercedes-Benz dealers worldwide. In fact, many original Mercedes cars have been recovered from flooded areas and they include the car parts that have been recovered from the flooded areas. Another part most people like to purchase after buying their damaged Mercedes is a rebuilt transmission. Most rebuilt parts are designed to be seamless and durable with minimal changes, such as replacing the shifter paddle, accelerator and brake pedals and replacing some of the exhaust pipes and chrome door handles etc. They are generally made of high quality products and are very easy to maintain.


The transmission is one of the most important components of your car. It is so because when you are driving your car, your transmission does most of the work. If it isn’t working properly then you will experience problems such as acceleration or braking issues. Also if the transmission has a fault then you won’t be able to shift gears or use your clutch properly which will lead to a lot of inconvenience especially if it’s an emergency situation. This is the reason why people tend to buy a replacement Mercedes transmission if they can’t find one that fits their car.

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