Rifle&GHFabb Game Review


Rifle&GHFabb Game Review

Rifle&GHFabb shoot and have fun are a game developed in France in 2021 and made accessible to the public in France and Worldwide on Xbox. The game is set during the post-apocalyptic times and players assume the role of gunner, tasked to protect human life from the hordes of walkers, zombies and monsters roaming the wastelands. The player needs to select a gun, known as the “Rifle” and continue to use it throughout the game to shoot at the enemies and prevent them from crossing the barriers that block their way. In order to reload the gun, the player must move his cursor over the target and then simply “pick” it up to return to the game’s control panel. The player earns money and levels up while playing this game and then faces waves of walkers as he fights his enemies using only his rifle to fight them off.


Similar to other similar games, Rifle&GHFabb allow the player to switch between two views: first is the first-person view, which allows the player to operate the camera by looking down the sights; the other is the third-person view, which offers a slightly tilted angle and allows for greater precision and visibility. The player also has the option to view the game through a binocular, a scope or both, depending on the level of accuracy desired. The controls are simple and do not offer much interactivity, but the game is still fun and exciting.


Similar to other games in the genre, Rifle&GHFabb does have its own set of unique features. Some of these include an advanced artificial intelligence system that provides a challenge to players who want to improve their game. There are also a weapon repair system, a destructible environment, an on-line leader board, multiplayer options including split screen and dedicated server connections, and numerous game modes, all of which guarantee hours of entertainment. Other unique features include the ability to customize your character (sold separately), a crafting system that lets you gather different kinds of materials to build your own base or fort, and the option to purchase and upload your own photos.

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