Roman Candle Fight


roman candle fight

In the video, loud crackling is heard, and people scatter after a short period. Photographer Lenny Gilmore filmed the incident and posted multiple photos to his Instagram account. In his caption, he described it as a rivalry between friends who knew each other but still wanted to have fun. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your friends, try a Roman candle fight.

A Roman Candle Fight Was Captured on Camera in Chicago

While a Roman candle firework fight is a lot of fun, the consequences can be deadly. The flames of a Roman candle, once released, cannot be redirected. They become bullets and could cause serious injuries. In one video, a Brooklyn woman was caught on camera firing a Roman candle into an intersection. The flames ricocheted off the walls, and oncoming traffic narrowly avoided hitting her. In another video, a Roman candle firefight in Chicago went viral.

During a roman candle fire, a number of objects can ignite. Some candles shoot shells and stars out of them, while others ignite other objects. While there are several types of roman candles, some are banned in certain countries and are notoriously dangerous. Because of their tendency to malfunction, it’s recommended to use a Pyro torch when setting up a roman candle fight. A punk lighter or a flashlight will also work.

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