Tennis Court Maintenance Tips


Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance is an important part of keeping your tennis court in great playing condition. A properly maintained court can extend its life by up to ten years. If your court is neglected, the cost of a full rebuild can be astronomical.More info:

First and foremost, your court should have a first-class drainage system that diverts water away from the surface and underneath the ground. Drainage issues are a leading cause of surface deterioration and should be inspected regularly for proper operation. Check for blockages, clogs or broken pipes.

The Role of Proper Drainage in Tennis Court Maintenance

A common issue that most tennis courts experience is the formation of cracks in the playing surface. A number of things such as general wear, freeze-thaw cycles or changes in weather conditions usually cause these cracks. In most cases a break can be treated with a sand-filled crack filler. However, deep cracks should be inspected by a qualified contractor to determine whether they are indicative of underlying issues that may require a complete repair.

Regular sweeping will keep dirt, twigs and other debris from building up on the surface. Use soft nylon brooms that will not damage the surface and avoid using abrasive materials. Pressure washing is also recommended for most synthetic courts to clean out mildew buildup, moss and algae. Be sure to use a low-pressure washer with a nozzle that is appropriate for your specific surface and to limit the amount of force being applied.

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