The Best Manifestation Ritual

The simplest and most common manifestation ritual is to clear your mind of negative thoughts and negative emotions before you manifest anything. For example: if you have procrastinated a lot, you should clear your mind and let go of the notion of never finishing any projects. If you are depressed, clear your mind and be happy. These are just simple rituals that anyone can do anywhere at any time, which we will describe below.

How to Turn Your Desires Into Manifestations!

Do a Cleaning Manifestation Ritual – this is best done at the beginning of a new cycle of your life, or whenever you wish to shake off an unwanted thought or a poor experience. This is also a very simple meditation exercise that will help you heighten your vibrations, and (as usual) you should begin with 3-5 minute of deep breathing. After this, put a clear quartz crystal on your palm and use your intuition to tune into whatever it is that you are feeling at that moment. Do not worry about becoming a medium for spirits, as this manifesting ritual only requires you to concentrate and deepen your own vibration.

Do a White Candle Manifestation – This is my personal favorite manifestation ritual that I use every day. To start, find yourself in a peaceful place where there is no sound of rushing water, and lit a white candle. It does not matter what kind of candle you choose, but it has to be a candle emitting white light. Once this is done, close your eyes and put your palms up in front of you so that all the distractions of the day are gone. Breathe deeply and repeat affirmations or positive thoughts as needed throughout the day until your intention to manifest something is clear and you feel as though your wish has been granted.

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