University of Pennsylvania Off Campus Housing


The University of Pennsylvania has resources for students to help navigate off campus housing options in different neighborhoods. They have a database of rentals, roommate search services, and information about the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. In addition, they offer assistance with negotiating rental contracts, addressing issues related to living off campus, and locating financial resources.

What is the most expensive dorm?

Undergraduate students are often drawn to the modern luxury apartment buildings like the Radian, Chestnut, Axis, Domus and Hamilton Court that are located within the first one or two blocks of upenn off campus housing. However, these apartments are expensive and require adherence to strict rules about quiet times. In general, graduate students and nursing students are more likely to look for apartments that are slightly further away from campus but within walking distance.

The older buildings dispersed around the UPenn campus are generally cheaper and have more variety in size and style. These can range from traditional single rooms that are connected by hallways and bathrooms to larger apartments in houses or converted hotel-type structures. Some are even in the former historic homes of wealthy alumni.

Many of these are managed by the UPenn Residential Services and provide access to RAs and community activities that encourage interaction among residents. They also have a limited number of college houses designed for undergraduate and graduate students. Students can also live in the privately managed Accolade residence, which is specifically for graduate and professional students.

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